The Lottery’s Office of Public Affairs and Communications team leads the outreach efforts highlighting the Lottery’s mission of raising additional, supplemental funding for education.

For all news media inquiries, please email us at Please also follow us on Twitter @calotterypress.

Lottery Media Contacts

Carolyn Becker, Deputy Director

Cathy Johnston, Information Officer II

Mike Bond, Information Officer I

Donna Cordova, Information Officer I

Greg Parashak, Information Officer I

If you're not with the media, please contact our main Customer Service Department at 1-800-LOTTERY (1-800-568-8379)

AUGUST 31 - Three Lucky Players Discover Other Ways to Win! 

AUGUST 23 - California Lottery Announces Record Sales, Record Earnings for Public Education 

AUGUST 18 - CA Lottery Statement on Conviction of Serial Scratchers® Thief in Widespread, Organized Retail Crime Ring

AUGUST 18 - California Lottery Player Claims $3.9 Million Prize – Missed $1.1 Billion Mega Millions® Jackpot by Only One Number!

AUGUST 16 - ‘Itchy Palms’ Superstition Leads a California Lottery Player to Scratch Her Way to an Instant $1 Million Win!

AUGUST 9 - Single Ticket Sold in Florida Hits the Mega Millions® Jackpot; CA Lottery Player Wins Big With Second Place, With Ticket Now Worth More Than $3.3 Million

AUGUST 8 - Mega Millions® Jackpot INCREASES AGAIN to an Estimated $1.58 Billion for Tonight’s Draw – Highest Ever in Game’s History

AUGUST 7 - MEDIA AVAILABILITY TOMORROW MORNING: Mega Millions® Jackpot Highest It’s Ever Been for Tuesday’s Draw

AUGUST 7 - No Horsing Around Here – Daily Derby® Player Wins $1+ Million

AUGUST 6 - A Ticket Sold in Southern California Hits SuperLotto Plus® Jackpot Worth $82 Million

AUGUST 4 - The California Lottery Is Back at the Orange County Fair to Help Raise Money for Schools

AUGUST 4 - Generational Wealth: Mega Millions® Jackpot Just Increased to an Estimated $1.35 Billion! 

AUGUST 3 - CA Lottery Player Parlays $500 From a Scratchers® Win – Spends Entire Workday Unaware He Was a Millionaire! 

AUGUST 2 - Don’t Sleep on SuperLotto Plus® – California’s Own $81 Million Jackpot Now At a 15-Year High

AUGUST 1 - BREAKING NEWS: Mega Millions® Monster Jackpot Increases to an Estimated $1.1 Billion for Tonight’s Draw

JULY 29 - Mega Millions® Jackpot Soars Past $1 Billion; One Lucky Ticket in California Now Worth $1.5 Million

JULY 28 - BREAKING NEWS: Mega Millions® Jackpot Raised to an Estimated $940 Million for Tonight’s Draw

JULY 27 - It’s Not Just All About Jackpots; California Lottery Scratchers® Players Win Big, Too

JULY 25 - Tonight’s Mega Millions® Jackpot at $820 Million – Continues Inching Toward Another Billion-Dollar Payday 

JULY 24 - What Happens After a Big Jackpot is Hit in California 

JULY 21 - Mega Millions® Continues to Climb Toward Another Billion-Dollar Jackpot With Tonight’s Draw Worth an Estimated $720 Million! 

JULY 20 - MEDIA ADVISORY: Press Conference in Los Angeles Where Jackpot-Winning Powerball® Ticket Worth $1.08 Billion Was Sold

JULY 19 - California Public Education Wins Big as the California Lottery Returns to the California State Fair!

JULY 19 - Media Availability TODAY: Powerball® Frenzy and Contributions to Public Schools Highlighted at the State Fair

JULY 18 - Powerball® Jackpot Rolls to an Estimated $1,000,000,000 as Tonight’s Mega Millions Stands at More Than Half a Billion, Too!

JULY 17 - CA Lottery Celebrates National Lottery Week as Contributions to Public Education Soar Toward Another Record Year!

JULY 17 - Five Things CA Lottery Players Should Know About Tonight’s Massive Powerball® Drawing

JULY 14 - Three Big Jackpots Offer More Than $1.5 Billion in Total Prize Money

JULY 12 - Will We See a Mid-Week Multimillionaire in CA? Tonight’s Powerball® Jackpot Increases to an Estimated $750 Million!

JULY 11 - BREAKING NEWS: Estimated Mega Millions® Jackpot Raised to $500 Million for Tonight’s Draw

JULY 10 - BREAKING: Powerball® Jackpot Increases to an Estimated $675 Million as Public Education Wins Big!

JULY 9 - $2.6 Million Powerball® Ticket Sold in Stockton!

JULY 8 - $1.6 Million Mega Millions® Ticket Sold in Oxnard!

JULY 7 - More Than $1.13 Billion Up for Grabs in This Weekend’s Lottery Draws

OCTOBER 5 - Nearly $800 Million up for Grabs Right Now as CA Lottery Announces Newest Millionaires

OCTOBER 8 - Lucky Mega Millions® Ticket Sold in Southern California Now Worth More Than $3.1 Million

OCTOBER 13 - California Lottery Announces Record Earnings for Public Education

OCTOBER 15 - Mega Millions® Ticket Sold in San Jose Hits Mega Jackpot!

OCTOBER 18 - Lucky California Lottery Player Came OH SO CLOSE to Hitting a Billion-Dollar Jackpot, Still Walks Away With Millions

OCTOBER 19 - More Than $500 Million up for Grabs for Tonight’s Powerball®!

OCTOBER 21 - Powerball® Jackpot Now Worth $580 Million for Tomorrow’s Draw

OCTOBER 24 - Powerball® Jackpot Increased to $625 Million for Tonight’s Draw

OCTOBER 25 - $38 Million San Diego SuperLotto Plus® Ticket Set to Expire

OCTOBER 26 - Fifth Largest Powerball® Jackpot up for Grabs Tonight With Jackpot Estimated at $700 Million

OCTOBER 27 - Powerball® Jackpot Grows to $800 Million As Two California Tickets Win $1.5 Million!

OCTOBER 27 - ‘A Little Extra Change’ and an Orange Leukemia Awareness Bracelet Leads to a Stunning $2 Million Scratchers® Win!

OCTOBER 27 - Another Central Valley Instant Millionaire Lottery Win!

OCTOBER 28 - California Lottery Receives Last-Minute Claim for $38 Million San Diego SuperLotto Plus® Ticket

OCTOBER 29 - California Public Education Wins Big With More Than $50 Million Raised for Schools Thanks to Growing Powerball® Jackpot, Now an Estimated $825 Million

OCTOBER 31 - *** JACKPOT ALERT *** Nothing Spooky About Tonight’s Powerball® Jackpot – Estimated to be $1 Billion!

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