MEGA Crossword

1583 $5 Mega Crossword 1583 $5 Mega Crossword

Price: $5

Play for MEGA Fun

The fan favorite is back! Double your chances for MEGA fun with two puzzle grids that play separately and chances at 2X, 3X, 5X, and 10X prize multipliers. Experience twice the thrills with MEGA Crossword Scratchers® and play for your chances to WIN A TOP PRIZE OF $75,000!

Game Number: 1583

Overall odds: 1 in 3.82

Cash odds: 1 in 5.75

Odds and Available Prizes

Last Updated Jul 25, 2024 02:41:45 a.m.

This table reflects all Scratchers prizes for this game. After game start, some prizes, including top prizes, may have been claimed. Odds are rounded to the nearest whole number.

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Prizes Odds 1 in Prizes Remaining
$75,000 1,232,173 6 of 30
$5,000 78,151 75 of 473
$1,000 39,158 137 of 944
$500 3,027 1,480 of 12,212
$100 601 7,544 of 61,518
$50 317 14,190 of 116,657
$30 200 22,999 of 185,191
$25 160 28,134 of 231,113
$20 40 117,387 of 923,849
$15 21 221,661 of 1,751,175
$10 12 417,980 of 3,149,612
Ticket 11 526,772 of 3,234,455

  1. Scratch “YOUR LETTERS” to reveal a total of 18 letters.
  2. In each PUZZLE; scratch each letter that matches “YOUR LETTERS.”
  3. In each PUZZLE; completely uncover two or more words, win the corresponding prize shown in the PRIZE KEY.
  4. EACH PUZZLE PLAYS SEPARATELY. Words on the PUZZLES cannot be combined to win a higher prize. Example: 3 words on PUZZLE 1 win $10; 4 words on PUZZLE 2 win $15; for a total win of $25.
  5. Scratch the “MULTIPLIER BOX” for a chance to win 2X, 3X, 5X or 10X your prize. Multiply your winning prize by the number revealed in the “MULTIPLIER BOX” to determine your TOTAL WINNING PRIZE!

$100,000 TOTAL in Scratchers 2nd Chance Weekly Pool Draws

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Check out the Scratchers 2nd Chance program for more information.

1583 $5 Mega Crossword
Last Chance To Win A Grand Prize of $50,000
Last Chance To Enter

Enter The Big Spin® Scratchers® 2nd Chance Bonus Draw by July 14 for your chance to win a grand prize of $50,000!

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